Friday 24.11.2017 Session 1

Girls warm up for 800 Freestyle is 4.40pm  starting at 5pm

Boys warm up for 1500 Freestyle is 6.10pm  starting at 6.30pm


Saturday 25.11.2017 Session 2

Warm up is at 8.15am  starting at 9am

Saturday 25.11.2017 Session 3

Warm up is at 1pm  starting at 1.35pm


Sunday 26.11.2017 Session 4

Warm up is at 8am starting at 9am

Sunday 26.11.207 Session 5

Warm up is at 12.40pm starting at 1.15pm

Please make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before your warm up Good luck to all taking part!!


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Update Swim Wales Winter Championships 2017

Swim Wales Winter Championships 2017

Update on the welsh Winters, we have 16 days until the meet which starts on December 1st, training has been going well for most and there is still time to work on your process goals to get you where you need to be.

Their will be NO training at Stockport on the 18th or 25th of November.

There will be Long Course Training in Liverpool on Sunday the 19th, those doing the Welsh Winters should make every effort to attend, if you cannot make it for any reason, please let me know ASAP so i can fill places. (If we are have high numbers our younger swimmers may have to miss out this Sunday, Sorry, i will notify any swimmers who has their name down if i need to cancel)

Land training at Toe to Toe WILL be on next week, 20th 21st and 22nd of November, i have advised training should be kept to a non impact medium Cardio. i do not want any injuries.

Land training at Toe to Toe will NOT be on for swimmers going to the Welsh Winters on the 27th – 28th and 29th of November, Swimmers not going down to Swansea can still attend. and any swimmer aged 13 and above who would like to attend on these date please speak to me to book a place. (we have a maximum of 12 swimmers)


Welsh Winters warm up times

Day 1 Friday 

            Session 1   Warm-Up  08:00  – Start Time 09:00 –  Finish Time 10:45.

            Session 2   Warm-Up 11:15  – Start Time 12:15 –  Finish Time 15:30.

            Session 3 Warm -Up 16:00 – Start Time 17:00 – Finish Time 18:45

Day 2 Saturday

             Session 4  Warm-up 08:00 – Start Time 09:00 – Finish Time 11:55

             Session 5 Warm-up 12:30 – Start Time -13:30 Finish Time 16:30

              Session 6 Warm-up 17:00 – Start Time – 18:00 Finish Time 19:25

Day 3 Sunday

             Session 7 Warm-up – 08:00 Start Time – 09:00 Finish Time 11:15

              Session 8 Warm-up 11:45 – Start Time 12:45 – Finish Time 16:00

              Session 9 Warm-up 16:30 – Start Time 17:30 – Finish Time 18:50


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