Morning swimming is tough

Lets make turning up to early swimming a little easier.

As your coach i know what it feels like when the alarm clock goes off at 4:20am, It is a shock to the system, in winter it feels even worse, its dark outside it can be cold and frosty, all you want to do is hit the snooze button, but, you know its something you need to do if you want to improve and stay ahead of the competition. Just remember, if you can do it in winter, summer will be a breeze.

The list below is a adapted from the USA swimming site, it could make things a little easier to help get yourself to training.

1. When you wake up, drink water.
One of the easiest way to wake up the body: drink a glass of water, you will be dehydrated from sleeping and it will help hydrate you and wake you up. you will feel more alert and ready for training.

2. Just sit up. 
When that alarm rings all you need to do is sit up and open your eyes, sitting up will help re-direct the blood flow. That’s the first step. The rest will come.

3. An inspirational quote or goal somewhere you will see it in the morning.
Put a little inspiring quote or a goal on your fridge door, on your phone or against your alarm clock. you could even put these quotes on the ceiling of your bedroom, somewhere they will be seen the first thing when you wake up. Helpful reminders as to why you’re waking up so early ( Goal quote idea “1.5 seconds from qualifying”)

4. The buddy motivational early morning call.

Offering to call or message a team mate in the morning when you wake up is a great way to build team culture, Peer pressure . Ask a friend, “Hey, message/call me at 5:00am” and vice-versa works, it also can motivate . Remember you’re all in this early morning battle together.

5. Before you sleep the night before morning training, remind yourself why you’re waking up early.
It’s very difficult, when you’re cold and tired in the morning to remind yourself why you’re waking up early. The night before think of number 3, the inspirational quotes you selected, your goal times, read them and motivate yourself. Remember, its just as hard for your competitors, they will be waking up to do early mornings too. Sometimes, with the right focus you can self-motivate yourself the night before morning practice.


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Gala Information

Just a reminder all Splash n Dash entry forms need to be in by tonight. Every swimmer in club is eligible to enter, it is a great opportunity for the Club to take a big team  so get those forms in and be part of a fun day for all!!

Can all swimmers who have entered in to the Regional’s please check the club notice board. A list will be on the board for you to tick if you are available to do Relays on the final Sunday afternoon. Relays don’t come around very often and are great fun so please make every effort to attend


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